Day 6: Bologna cooking lesson

We signed up for a half day cooking lesson from Cook Italy.

We met our instructor guide Carmelita near Piazza Maggiore and went to the nearby markets to shop for lunch ingredients. Along the way, Carmelita pointed out the good shops and the not good shops.

The oldest coffee shop in the area
Brought these back to our apartment

We then walked to Carmelita’s condo apartment where we made garganelli pasta, fava bean and mint pesto, braised chicken and mixed vegetables.

The pasta involves making little squares then rolling them into tubes.

We also chatted about local wines, cuisine, restaurants and the region generally. Got good wine recommendations.

We then enjoyed the fruits of our labours. No finished pasta photos as we Hoovered through the entire pan of garganelli, which were finished with a fava bean and mint pesto and a sprinkle of diced pecorino cheese.

Chicken with garlic, rosemary and orange

Six hours later, we headed back to our apartment ready for a nap, but not before buying some regional wines.

Another view of Piazza Maggiore.

I discovered my habit of packing things into small bags then tucking them into tight corners resulted in my failing to transfer everything when I changed luggage on the morning we left. One forgotten pouch was my extra credit card, another appears to be my laundry supplies: latex gloves and detergent sheets. So I went out again for some groceries while Scott put his feet up.

We watched some Italian tv while doing laundry. One show was an Italian version of Wordle. I learned some new words and even made two correct guesses.

By 6:30 neither of us felt like eating. Even a glass of wine did not whet our appetites. We had more wine, some water and nibbled on snacks and that ended up being our dinner.

I later could not find some medication I thought I packed. Being annoyed with myself kept me awake. Luckily we have nothing booked for tomorrow.

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