Day 4: Hermitage Amsterdam

We had never visited the Hermitage Amsterdam during previous visits to Amsterdam. The museum was an offshoot of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. But since the start of the Ukraine-Russia war, the Amsterdam branch cut its ties and its source of art to display. It has now become a temporary exhibition space.

We headed out of our hotel for some brunch then walked to the Hermitage.

The Hermitage Amsterdam was featuring Rembrandt and his followers from the Leiden collection. We met with our daughter-in-law’s parents to view the exhibition.

Portrait of Rembrandt by Isaac de Jouderville
Pieter Lastman
Carel Fabritius
Rembrandt workshop
Jan Steen

We took a look at the rest of the museum which is holding the Amsterdam museum collection during renovations.

We then went to Wijnbar Bolens for dinner.

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