Day 1: Leaving Calgary

I feel like my age and decrepitude won the packing choices this trip. I’ve given up the backpack luggage and am travelling with a rolling bag.

I was going to use a hybrid backpack with wheels but realized only one of the three compartments could be locked. Since we will be in situations where our luggage is going to be left in storage or luggage racks, it seemed risky. Not sure I’m going to like lifting the case and I’m sure I’ll hate the noise caused by dragging wheels over cobblestones. But I expect my feet and back won’t be so sore.

Fortunately it weighs slightly less than the hybrid bag—fully packed it’s less than 10 kg.

Some of the weight is packing cubes.

I’m hoping they will keep my stuff more organized.

These scarves:

compact neatly into a small cube:

On the other hand, I’m bringing a hard cover novel. But at least, it can easily be ditched once I’ve read it.

No problems or delays at the airport.

Before boarding, we passed the time with our usual big meal, with some wine, of course.

The departure was delayed but it’s supposed to arrive on time.

I’m going to have a sip of Champagne then (I hope) sleep my way across the Atlantic.

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