Return to Frankfurt

We took a taxi back to Frankfurt.


It took about 50 minutes after our driver stopped to ask where the hotel was. It turned out we were right beside the building which is not well marked from the side road.

We are next to Opern Platz, the square in front of the Alte Opera House.

I used travel credits and Amex Travel to get a deal on a room at Sofitel Frankfurt Opera.

View from the window

The hotel gave us credit for food and drink so we had lunch on the terrace which looks at the side of the Opera House.

Quinoa salad

We both opted for vegetarian dishes. The meat heavy diet needed a change.

After we went for a wander.

Opern Platz

The shops are limiting numbers who can enter the store. A lot of people seemed to want to go into Louis Vuitton.

We booked massages for the afternoon.

Our last dinner of our vacation was nearby at Opern Café which has an Italian French menu.

Our waiter suggested a variety of starters:

Tuna and salmon tartar
Veal with tuna sauce
Octopus with hearts of palm
Blurry photo of burrata
Dorado cooked in paper
Pasta with Genoese ragu; beef tartar on risotto

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