Birthday in Zermatt

The breakfast is included with this hotel. It is served buffet-style. I wonder how much risk of infection it creates.

Our big activity for birthday day was to go up the Gornergrat mountain on the Gornergrat cogwheel railway. The area is very popular for skiers but also worthwhile for non-skiers because of the great views of the Matterhorn.

One major concern was the weather. Predications had been for cloud and snow. When we woke up, the sun was shining. We hope it would last.

On the train at the train station

The cogwheels allow the train to climb at a very steep grade.

Cloud around the top of the Matterhorn
Starting to get scary to look down
The cogged track
Still climbing
The Matterhorn as the cloud moved off
Skiers, but we’re still climbing
View from the train station
Birthday boy

We took the train that went direct to the top but there are a number of stops on the way. I think they’re mainly for skiers but there are also a number of tourist attractions. At the top is a hotel, a bunch of shops, some 3-D or virtual reality thing and a small church. We paused for tea and coffee and enjoyed the sunshine and views.

The Gornergrat is 3,135 metres high; shorter than the Matterhorn at 4,478. We noticed the altitude. Running up one flight of stairs left me short of breath.

The restaurant was closed so we had lunch at the cafeteria. A bottle of wine, bottle of water and two soups were 74 Swiss francs. Wow. We were getting used to the expensive cost of meals but this was at another level.

After we walked up to the 360 degree viewpoint. The climb was a challenge because of the slippery snow on the pathway. But the effort was worth it for the views.

For once we were lucky the weather forecast was wrong. We had a sunny morning and afternoon.

Train back to Zermatt

We had a rest and cleaned ourselves up before dinner at Lusi Brasserie. This restaurant was more our style. There was quiet background music that included Celine Dionne and Lionel Ritchie.

Started with a glass of Champagne.

Bread selection: plain with salted butter, tomato with spicy butter, olive oil with olive oil
The garden salad included pumpkin seeds
Coq au vin
Veal steak, spaetzle, braised red cabbage

The restaurant had a pan-European menu. Scott’s profiteroles were filled with cream, the way he likes it and it came with a happy birthday wish.

The Matterhorn drawn in the background

The service was excellent. The waiters spoke with us in English, French and Italian. There was a French speaking couple on one side of us and an Italian speaking couple on the other and a German speaking family at another table. It seemed appropriately Swiss to be listening to all the different languages.

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