May 14: Art, spa and theatre in London

After some chores in the morning, we went to the National Gallery; first to the Sainsbury Wing to see Van Eyck since I just finished reading about his Ghent Altarpiece.

Two above, Petrus Christus, a talented painter who died young. More Leonardo:



Lunched at the National Portrait Gallery because the Dining Rooms at the National Gallery were closed.

Returned to look at some more favourites, including Dutch Masters:

They have moved the Caravaggios, but the Salome with the Head of John the Baptist is missing. The Supper at Emmaus looks like it has been cleaned and restored.


and some Turners, the first is called Rain. Steam and Speed — The Great Western Railway, which is the railway we were on to go to Windsor.

Went to the Hotel Corinthia to spa and have dinner:

roasted quail

pork pie and mash with black pudding

Then to the nearby London Coliseum Theatre to see Man of LaMancha.

You can’t tell, but that’s Kelsey Grammar taking his bows:

The musical is about the 16th century writer Miguel Cervantes who is waiting in prison before facing the Spanish Inquisition. His fellow prisoners put him on trial for being a bad poet and too idealistic. He defends himself by enacting his most famous work, Don Quixote. The music isn’t the greatest and the story has been criticized as not reflecting Cervantes’ themes but “Impossible Dream” was a nostalgia trip. There were some very good voices including Kelsey Grammar.

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