Missed flight

This trip, I had only one mishap that happened at the end, much preferable than things going wrong at the start.

After leaving Venice, I stayed in London Monday night at the terminal 5 hotel to take a Tuesday morning flight to Toronto leaving from terminal 2. Despite having most of a bottle wine the night before, I got up at 5 am after being awake since 3 am.

London was foggy Tuesday morning.

The flight from London to Toronto took 7 hours. London to Calgary takes 8.  The wonders of moving across a globe. The flight went as scheduled and the passage through customs in Toronto was quicker than I anticipated. I tried to get on an earlier flight to Ottawa but there was already a wait list. To kill time, I had a double espresso and an ice cream bar. I had already eaten two meals on the flight and dozed a little, but I thought caffeine and sugar would keep me awake.

I then took the 1 hour flight to Ottawa to see Allie and Carmen. I forgot to take any photos. We had a nice visit over wine and charcuterie.

My return flight to Toronto left me only 35 minutes to board the flight to Calgary. When I originally booked, I had over an hour, but Air Canada changed the schedule. This was the last flight to Calgary so I didn’t have any other choice. But I could see the arrival gate was close to the departure gate so I thought I could make it. I had already checked my luggage through to Calgary, and I didn’t need to go through security.

Getting to Ottawa airport and through security was quick, The plane pushed back from the terminal on time.

But then the pilot announced there was a ground delay called in Toronto and we couldn’t depart. I sent a text to Allie and Carmen. Allie telephoned to ask if I wanted to stay with them. I asked the flight director if I could get off (which would have meant jumping from the plane onto the tarmac). I knew the answer but thought I’d ask. Almost an hour and a half later, we left.

Of course, I missed my Calgary flight and my luggage went on without me. I was rebooked for the next day and had to stay at one of the airport hotels, with no change of clothes, in a room that didn’t even have a minibar!

The 5 hour time zone change didn’t seem to make a difference. I woke up at 3 am. While in Italy, I kept waking early. I assumed anticipation caused the early waking. Now, I assumed irritation was keeping me from sleeping more.

Luckily, when in London, I had locked my luggage before putting away my toothbrush and toothpaste, so I had tossed them in my purse. I didn’t have my hairbrush or comb, but since my hair often looks like I haven’t brushed it, who would notice. Given a choice, I’d much rather brush my teeth.

On the plus side, I learned how to use the train at Toronto’s airport to get between terminals. At 6 am, it was too dark to try to walk outside when I didn’t know where I was going.

Roger Mookie, a Canadian celebrity chef, has an airport restaurant, Twist.

I had breakfast with more coffee than I’d usually take just to stay awake. I seemed to be consuming a lot just to compensate for lack of sleep.

I finally boarded the plane hoping the aggravations were over. Four plus hours and I would be home. Then, I noticed a baby in the seat behind me.

I was offered a glass of sparking wine. It was not yet 10 am, but I took it.

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