To Italy, Again

I am heading to Italy for the second time in 2018.

I fly into Frankfurt and will visit Inge and Robin for a few days. Then, I take the train to Florence. That will take most of the day–almost 10 hours–but if I stay awake, I can see some of Switzerland and parts of northern Italy that I’ve never seen before. The route goes direct from Frankfurt through Basel, Lucerne (Luzern on the map below), Chiasso to Milan. A train change is required in Milan, then through Bologna on to Florence (Firenze).


Another view of the route:


In Florence, I’m joining a study group looking at Renaissance art in Florence and Venice. I have doubts that the instruction will be as high level as the Caravaggio study tour I took in 2016, but I am looking forward to seeing the new rooms in the Uffizi.  The last time I was in Florence was 2009.

To prepare, in addition to my never ending effort to learn to speak Italian, I have been re-reading some Renaissance art history. My following post will offer a very brief introduction.

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