17th day: heading home

This was not going to be a day with anything worth recording. We were picked up by a driver to take us to Rome’s Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci airport at 5:30 am. We flew from Rome to Frankfurt and then were connecting to fly to Calgary. Almost 19 hours in transit.

Inge and Robin were heading to Bologna the same morning but we were going to be in different terminals. Frankfurt airport is huge and requires a bus or train to move between terminals. Before we left Rome, I got a travel warning about long waits at Frankfurt because of the start of spring break and their long weekend. When we disembarked in Frankfurt, I got a text from Air Canada that our gate had changed. We were not going to have to change terminals but found ourselves at the end of an unbelievably long queue. I went to check that this was our queue and also to find a bathroom, when Robin called out to me. He and Inge were also having to get into the same queue.


So what could have been a horrible wait turned into an opportunity for a quick visit. After an hour and 10 minutes, we got through and even had time for a glass of prosecco at 11:59 am.



On the flight home, I watched a British tv travel show called Travel Man, which features 48 hours in some destination. The episode was Rome, where they showed you what could be seen through the keyhole of the gate of the Knights of Malta, where we visited on Thursday, but which I could not manage to photograph.


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