Roma: fifth day: further a field

We had a cooking class in the rione or neighbourhood of Aventino, where we’ve never been before. Saw some new sights.

Don’t know what this is:

Tempo di Portunus or Temple of Fortunata Virilus:

Tempo di Ercole Vincitore or Temple of Hercules Victor:

Near the Forum:

Our instructor’s home was in a nice area:

Our cooking class started with a chat about Italian cooking and Roman cooking, in particular.  We sampled some ricotta cheese, some of which went into ravioli, and sampled some breads, cheese and olives:

Made some tiramisu with local chocolate biscuits instead of ladyfingers:

Made egg pasta for ravioli:

Made tomato sauce for the ravioli, saltimbocca and vitello Marsala, and spring zucchini.  

Then we ate.

We were glad for the walk home. Stopped at the Buco Della serratura di Roma, a keyhole through which you can see the dome of St Peters. There was quite a queue and my photo was terrible.

Went onto the Giardino degli Aranci, where views were better and no queues.

Scott demonstrating how to use a public fountain. If you plug the down spout, a stream shoots out the top.

Walked past the rose garden, but it looked like a wedding might be happening.

Went to Bocca Della Verita.. It features in a scene in “Roman Holiday” an Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck 1953 movie. There was another queue of people; they were wanting to stick their hand in the mouth.

Supposedly if you tell a lie, the mouth will bite your hand off. We didn’t try.

Some random ancient ruins:

Went into Il Gesu to look at the illusionist ceiling by Gaulli also known as Baciccio :

It also has a neck friendly mirror.

Thursday in Rome is the day Romans eat gnocchi. I decide to follow suite.

2 thoughts on “Roma: fifth day: further a field

  1. The building in the first picture is the Teatro Di Marcello. We were told it is older than the Coloseum by a century, give or take a few years. The top portion was removed and made into apartments which the owners are not allowed to renovate because of the historical significance of the building

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    1. I eventually figured out the name. We were walking on Via Teatro di Marcello. It should have given us a clue.


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