The wedding almost didn’t happen. We were leisurely getting ready when I got a panicked telephone call from Robin. “You and Dad have got to get to the Grachtenhuis right now or the wedding isn’t going ahead!”

Inge and Robin booked the Registrar (the civil servant who performs the marriage ceremony) from 2 – 4 with the understanding that the ceremoney would start at 3. Somehow, miscommunication among the parties occurred and the Registrar, Betty, booked another wedding to perform at 3. Inge and Robin had just got out of the shower when they learned this. Luckily, we were only a 5 minute walk away.

The ceremony was in Het Grachtenhuis, the canal museum, which is in a 17th century canal house.

We met Betty, who informed us as soon as the other parents arrived, she would get started. I quickly texted Allie and Sidney to get here ASAP. We waited nervously as Inge’s sister was still en route. Her 3 year old daughter, Fien,  has been impatiently waiting for the wedding for months. If she missed it, there would be tears. But Betty, despite the tough talk, waited until they arrived. 

The “other” grandmother helping put on party shoes

We sat down and Betty noticed a terrible odour. Young 8 month old nephew Jaap had a dirty diaper. Betty asked Suzanne and Roelof to freshen up the baby. “We don’t want to have that smell during the ceremony” she announced.

Emergency operations in the back corner

Finally,, the bride and groom arrive:

Witnesses signing the register

Above Betty and her assistant.

The ceremony was followed by cakes and champagne, which met with Fien’s approval.

We retired to our apartment for aperitifs and snacks along with gifts.

Dinner was at Van Valaanderen restaurant.

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