January 26-27 Nairobi

Nairobi’s population numbers 4.5 million but we only saw the suburban area near Nairobi National Park.

Afternoon tea included the giraffes as well as hotel guests.  Scott took up the challenge of kissing a giraffe.


Our second floor room windows are accessible to the giraffes. A bucket on the window sill was filled with the giraffe treat pellets so you can feed them from your bedroom window.

Friday morning when Scott was in the shower and I was packing my bag, a giraffe startled me when he stuck his head into the window and started helping himself to the pellets.


At breakfast, the giraffes also like to visit.


We visited the giraffe centre where they are working to save the Rothschild giraffe.


We then had a driver/guide meet us to take us around Nairobi. We started at the David Sheldrick orphan elephant shelter to watch the elephants get their lunch time milk.


The looked at a local crafts centre. And also a market where Scott found some rings.

Visited the Karen Blixen museum. Karen Blixen wrote “Out of Africa” and “Babette’s Feast” but while living in Nairobi did a lot for the people including building a school and medical centre.


We then went to Katsuri Beads where single mothers are employed making beaded jewellery and pottery.


As foster parents to two orphaned elephants, we were permitted to return to the orphanage to see the elephants on their way to bed and also see Maxwell, a blind black rhinoceros.


Then dinner,

the traffic congested drive to the airport and three! security screenings before flying back to Amsterdam.

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