January 25 Last Full Safari Day

I was startled awake by something making noise on the wooden flooring and the canvas sides of the tent. I thought it was inside the tent. Not sure what it was, but the staff think maybe bush baby, a creature that looks like Yoda from Star Wars; it’s tiny but in the middle of the night, I thought it was something much bigger and scarier. (I think the staff are now  laughing at me behind my back.)

We’re going to try a night safari today, which means no photography possible, so this is some of what we viewed today in the morning.

Six or seven week old lion cubs. I took a video but too hard to post here. Soooo cute. We wanted to take one home cause of course it would always stay so cute and little. There’s two in front of mama. We watched as she coaxed them to move from one hill, across the plains, to another hill. We could hear a third scaredy cat calling because he was too afraid to follow. Kevin assures us mama will return to carry him by the neck to their new home.

A huge tribe (not sure what a group is called) of baboons, way more than I could fit in one photo — at least 30.

Where we were served a hot breakfast!

A young female cheetah who just caught a baby Grant’s gazelle. She took forever to kill it, partly because she got distracted by something under a bush, which Kevin thought might be a snake but turned it to be a scrub hare. He found it funny that this cheetah was afraid of potential lunch, i.e., a bunny.

It’s great but sad that I’m now not bothering to post photos of a large herd of elephants, giraffes, sightings of rare antelopes, and I haven’t even bothered with the birds that can been amazingly colourful or kind of scary.

We also went to visit a local school to donate some supplies. That’s a separate post.

Wi-if here works poorly when others are using it and posting photos is especially slow.  That and the heat makes getting worked up not worth the effort. It may rain this evening.

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