Day 6 in Naples: Centro Storico walk and a Caravaggio copy

We walked in the historic centre (Centro Storico), the area around our hotel. The streets were built by the Ancient Romans so are on a grid. It helps because the buildings are so high it is hard to see landmarks.

We saw no Caravaggio paintings, only a copy  in San Domenico Maggiore.

San Domenico Maggiore
Oldest medieval tower
Renaissance chapel with black Tufo volcanic stone
Most of the north south streets are quite narrow
No idea what is with that wall but it looks interesting
Cloister in Girolamini
Cloister in Santa Chiara with majolica tiles

We were then driven up to the top of the Vomero hill to a former Benedictine monastery Certosa di San Martino. We only saw part of it.

It’s near an old Fort, St Elmo.

We looked at a number of paintings by artists influenced by Caravaggio, known collectively as Caravaggisti.


And views of Mount Vesuvius — too bad the rain was moving in.

There is also a museum area about presepi, Nativity scenes. This one is not just a stable scene but an entire village:

Check out the scale of people to the presepe:

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