Market tour and cooking class

We got up early to take a market tour and cooking class from Rosa Jackson, who is British but grew up in Edmonton, has been living in Nice for 12 years and in Paris for 10 years before that.

The market in Vieux Nice is Cours Saleya.

We sampled socca, a chick pea pancake. Surprisingly filling.

Cream from Normandy

Rosa’s cooking studio is also in Vieux Nice.

Above are Sam, Rosa’s son, Rosa and Jesse from St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

Me stirring custard, Jesse and Rana from Kuwait and whose parents have a place in Nice–nice!

Our lunch:

Post-lunch, we looked at some shops in Vieux Nice:

After, we visited the Musée de Arts Moderne and Contemporain, which focuses on Nice artists.

Had a pub dinner so Scott could watch Arsenal, an English football team. They tied. Scott was not happy.

It had rained earlier so the seascape looked misty.

My market purchases:

Raw cream butter

Scott’s market purchases:

Orange of unusual size

Sheep yoghurt

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