Modern art and ancient ruins

After figuring out how to work a Tassimo coffee machine and enjoying local strawberries and croissants, we started a 3.8 km walk to the Musées Chagall and Matisse.

The route was all up hill.

Musée Chagall was built during Chagall’s lifetime. He lived to 93.

Further uphill is Musée Matisse in the house where he lived the latter years of his life. He lived to almost 85.

Surrounding the back of Matisse’s house are ancient Roman ruins.

We took a different route back towards a pedestrian area.

Lots of steps

Stopped at Galleries Lafayette, a big department store, for some refreshment.

After walking the wrong direction, we got back to the flat. Our feet were tired so we had dinner just down the street.


Caprese salad 

Seafood stew

Creme Brûlée 

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