Berlin Wall East Side Gallery and Berlin street art

Took the S Bahn 5S to the Ostbahn stop to walk to a section of the Berlin Wall that has been painted with street art as a memorial to freedom.

It’s 1.3 kms long.

There were originally 103 paintings done in 1990. Some of the best have been re-painted:

Rather ironically, the works get graffiti on them. One of the famous works of Brezhnev and Honecker was repainted in 2009 because it was so covered with graffiti, but it’s getting defaced again:

Some of the works I found interesting:

The west side of the wall is not anywhere as interesting as it’s almost all tagging. And broken glass abounds.

The area has a lot of street art generally. This is part of a project called Wrinkles of the City by a crew called JR:

We walked back the 4+ kms to our hotel. Stopped for kebabs and liquids:

More street art:

It was a high of 30 but slightly overcast so being outside was not as uncomfortable as yesterday. The Gendarmenmarkt square:

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