Tour of Cracow

After a slow morning and getting tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, Lady with an Ermine,

we went on a walking tour of central Cracow.

Started by looking at Cracow University building:

Markers note that Saint Pope John Paul II was a student there for 1 year:

The people of Cracow really love John Paul II. Streets still have buildings from before WWII:

More of the university:

The Market Square:

more of the Market Square:

St Mary’s Church

the altar:

Lunch including borscht and Polish sour soup:

some shopping:

then to see Leonardo’s painting:

The painting is temporarily located in Wawel Castle. It’s one of Leonardo’s few portraits and I think, more interesting than Mona Lisa. The Nazis took it during WWII but it was eventually returned. The castle grounds:

views of Cracow from the castle:

more of the streets:

Dinner at a Polish restaurant called Ed Red. A Polish red wine that was rather purple:


beef cheeks:

not particularly Polish but we finished with Polish farmer’s cheese:

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