Tuesday last full day in London

We had tickets for the British Museum’s exhibition on Vikings. Took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk there:

The exhibition was very crowded and no photos allowed. But we learned more about Vikings than we had known before.:

Walked from there to Berners Tavern for lunch:

Then walked to the National Gallery to see the Veronese exhibition which also did not allow photos. Ironically, Veronese was a painter who worked mostly in Venice so we saw a lot paintings from Venice:

Weather was potentially an afternoon of cloud and showers but it turned out sunny and warm:

Saw the Queen’s barge being moved as we walked through St. Katharine’s Dock:

Used our Oyster cards to tube to Farringdon station. Robin treated us to drinks at Vino Teca:

And dinner at Moro, a restaurant featuring Spanish/North African dishes. Food was very flavourful with a variety of spices and different combinations.

tuna with tomatoes
asparagus with dried tuna shavings and grated botarga (dried fish eggs)
mixed vegetables with bread (so good)

lamb and chick peas

rabbit and artichokes
broad beans and couscous (surprisingly spicy)

chocolate apricot tart

rosewater cardamon ice cream
yoghurt cake with pistachios and pomegranates


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