Saturday at the Opera

Instead of looking at art, we went looking for shoes to replace our sodden footwear after

Friday’s downpour. Didn’t find anything we wanted but Sid bought a souvenir of Murano glass.
Our main activity was to go to Teatro La Fenice to see La Boheme:

The opera house was renovated about 10 years ago, after a fire.  Looks pretty good:


After, we looked at Piazza San Marco when it wasn’t raining:

Our last dinner in Venice–and Italy–was at Quadri which over looks San Marco:

amuse of gazpacho:

poached egg antipasto:

asparagus and chard soup with onion sorbet:

pasta with rabbit ragu:

lamb and artichokes:


mixed fried local seafood with potato curls:

i dolci:


wild strawberries

Sunday will be a travel day so we had to pack up. 😦

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