First views of Venice

We’re in the Dorsoduro area of Venice. For our first afternoon and evening, we just wandered in the area.

The walk along the Giudecca canal:

Across the canal, the church Redentore designed by the 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio, whose name is used to refer to the neoclassical Palladian style:

The street our flat is on:

If you saw the James Bond movie, Casino Royale, with Daniel Craig, he sails into Venice on the Grand Canal going past the church of Santa Maria della Salute:

Across the Grand Canal, in the distance, is the entrance to Saint Mark’s Square, the bell tower of St. Mark’s (Campanile) and the Doge’s Palace:

Another Palladio church, San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of the same name:

A view of the Grand Canal:

Both the Katharine Hepburn movie, Summertime, and Woody Allen’s Everybody Says I Love You movie have scenes in this piazza, Campo San Barnaba:

Narrow streets:

Dinner at La Riviera along the Giudecca canal, but it was too cool to eat outside:

Fish stew (under the pastry dome that looks like it got a bit too much heat):

Fillet of fish with artichokes and leek cream:

Chitarucci pasta with clams:

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