Vacation with Sidney

We’re going to meet Sidney in Rome.

Originally, the Rome trip was to be like my vacation with Allie in 2010. Scott declined to join us thinking Sid and I should have a mother-daughter vacation. I repeatedly asked Scott if he wanted to go since I had a free companion ticket—the result of putting our kitchen reno onto my British Airways credit card—but the free companion ticket must be booked at the same time you book your own ticket. Scott insisted I go ahead and
book my ticket without him.
Then, after we left Sidney in Austria, four months after I used points to book my Club World (i.e. first class) ticket, Scott changed his mind. So, we forked out a bunch of cash and used frequent flyer points to upgrade Scott’s ticket. But he’s just joining us, not deciding what we’re going to do. I’m not revising my plans so he can watch football in London.


Instead, I’m planning an art, architecture and history tour of Rome, and more of the arts in Venice. Most places I plan to go to will be return visits from trips with Robin and Allie, and a few places will be new to me. I have spent almost two weeks in Rome, but feel I only glimpsed the surface of the city. The seven days I have planned for this trip barely seems enough. Yet we also wanted to visit Venice with Sidney since the city is too special to miss and it will be on her route back to Austria.

We finish with a short visit to London.


We’ll be staying at a vacation rental in the central historical Campo de’Fiore area of Rome. The maps below progressively zoom into the Campo de’Fiore area.

And we’re staying in the Dorsoduro sestiere (district) of Venice. (The pink area on the map below, near the eastern tip.)

Meanwhile, we have to think about packing light. We have 1 hour and 45 minutes between landing in London and departing for Rome. Even without any delay, timing will be very tight. We don’t want to have to wait for luggage. Therefore, we’re going for 15 days with only carry-on bags. In my case, that includes packing a rolled up duffle bag for any extra things to bring home since we’ll have no baggage worries on our direct flight back from London to Calgary. 

Our rentals in Rome, Venice and London all have washing machines. That means we don’t need to take a lot of underwear, socks and t-shirts since they can get washed every few days. We just need to figure out the minimum for the rest of our clothes and shoes, and all the other bits that we take on our travels.

I managed 10 days in Rome and London in February 2010 with a Tom Bihn Tri-Star bag, which is less than the maximum size carry-on, and a purse. I’m taking the same carry-on and a slightly larger purse.

Looking forward to my fifth visit to Italy and I’m reading in preparation for art gallery visits.
And I’m practicing my Italiano!

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