January 2–Arashiyama

We met up with Allie’s friend Danielle then headed to western Kyoto’s Arashiyama district. While waiting for Danielle, we saw the bell at Toyokuni shrine.

At Kyoto train station, we saw an ikebana display:

From the Saga Arashiyama station, we walked to the Tenryuji temple.

We visited the World Heritage zen garden:

From there, we walked in the bamboo forest:

Then towards the Togetsukyo Bridge:

We were headed to the Monkey Park:

It was closing when we arrived 😦

So back to central Kyoto on the train:

We got off to go to Gonpatcho area:



Some of us ate fugu–strangely tasteless.

Then back to the rental where we admired the big cans of beer the kids bought from a vending machine.








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