30 hours not in Chicago and 36 hours in Chicago

I was supposed to go with Scott to Chicago for three and a half days for his partners’ meeting. But the evening before we were to leave, I couldn’t find my passport. We checked where we have been keeping our passports for the past twenty years,  inside luggage, inside travel purses, the pockets of coats and jackets, around desks and computers, inside drawers, under drawers, and in storage cupboards but nothing–except some massive dust bunnies under the chest of drawers.

Scott left the morning of April 18 while I did the paper work for a new passport and got my flight changed.

Sidney was disappointed I was still hanging around. She was looking forward to having the house to herself and Hobbes.

I had to apply for a new passport on an expedited basis.  Amazingly, I got it in 24 hours. I was off to Chicago. The flight was delayed because of mechanical difficulties but by 9:24 pm had landed at O’Hare airport.

It was late and I was hungry so didn’t do anything Friday night other than a late snack at the hotel. The view from the hotel room on the 43rd floor.

The views on Saturday morning.

looking east
looking south

Saturday we went on the Architectural Foundation’s river cruise.  Lots of great looking buildings, especially skyscrapers, in Chicago.



After the cruise we walked to the Art Institute of Chicago for lunch at Terzo Piano, the restaurant in the new wing.

We squeezed in an hour of looking at art before the gallery closed.





We then had a dinner at Everest restaurant which is on the 40th floor looking out at south and east Chicago.



Then it was back to the hotel, and pack our bags. We left at 7:15 am for the airport to fly out at 9:40 am.

That was my 36 hours in Chicago.

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