Walking tour of North End Boston

After some of us slept in, we headed to the North End, one of the most historic areas of Boston where we would take a walking tour.

Walked past a statue of Benjamin Franklin, who was born in Boston.

Faneuil (pronounced Faun-u-ill) Hall and a statue of Samuel Adams.  Faneuil Hall has been a marketplace and meeting hall since before the American Revolution.
Long wharf, one of the many wharves, and lots of expensive looking yachts.

A big salad for lunch.

Started our walking tour inside Faneuil Hall meeting room.

Paul Revere’s House
Interior of Old Church, a former Anglican church and the exterior showing the steeple which can be seen for miles in the area.  The story of Paul Revere warning of the British includes the light lanterns which were hung in the steeple.
New bridge in the background
Interesting looking buildings on Salem Street
We walked to the Leather District, which is south of the North End near the Fort Point Channel, to go to dinner at O Ya Sushi.  We tried the chef’s menu which involved some 17 different and some unusual items.   Here’s a few:


raw oysters, watermelon pearls, cucumber


oyster with squid ink foam


salmon cilantro ginger
tuna tataki


wagyu beef, potato confit


foie gras nigiri with aged sake


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