Invalides, L’Arpege and Bon Marche

Some slow risers in the morning and confusion about the metro meant we only had 1 hour to look at Hotel les Invalides and the Musee de l’Armee.

Les Invalides is marked by a gilded dome. It is a complex of buildings containing museums, monuments, hospital and retirement home for the military. It is also the burial place of some military heroes, most notably Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon’s Tomb
dome over the tomb

The Musee de l’Armee covers French military history from Roman times to the present. We only had time to looked at the section from Louis XIV to Napoleon.


Lunch was at L’Arpege, a three Michelin star restaurant. Robin, Allie and Sidney had the daily menu du jardin, an eight course menu, while Scott and I selected from the a la carte menu; Scott ordered two items, I chose three.

rose wine aperitif


gaspacho with celery ice cream


tomato salad


tasting size tomato salad


onion gratin


cabbage salad with hazelnut dressing



consomme and ravioli


roasted vegetables with vegetarian sausisson


ris de veau




sea bass


chocolates, macarons, mini tarte tatin, financiers


tarte tatins with caramel sauce
tomato confit with geranium ice cream
Accompanied by a Cote de Beaune Combe d’Eve Giboulot (white) and a Chateau Lagrange (red).  I’m missing a photo of the cheese course. Lunch extended over four and a half hours.
Robin headed home; he said he needed to look for a place to rent when he returned to London.  We think he went for a nap. We walked to Le Bon Marche department store to look for birthday gifts for Sidney. Lucky the store was open until 9 because it was 5:45 when we got there.
We checked out some other shops on our walk and were back at the flat just before 8 and still full from lunch.
Dinner was around the corner at Fous de l’Ile, where we had salads. The restaurant is decorated with chicken knick knacks.



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