5th arrondissement — churches and museums

The day started with a croissant run to Boulangerie Kayser in the 5th arrondissement, where we would spend the day. After our breakfast, we headed back in the same area where we started our walking tour the day before.

First, we looked at Arene de Lutece, a park with some ancient Roman ruins.


From there we went to the Pantheon, which started out life as a church designed with elements of the Pantheon in Rome and St Paul’s in London.  It is now a national monument and burial site for many famous Parisiens. Also in 1851,  Foucault made his famous pendulum by suspending a 28 kg brass-coated lead bob with a 67 meter long wire from the dome of the Pantheon in order to demonstrate the rotation of the earth. An exact replica still hangs in the Pantheon.



the municipal government building


law school


Pantheon interior


Sushi for lunch


Above the courtyard of the Musee Cluny, the national museum of the middle ages.  It was originally a private residence of the abbot of the Cluny Abbey built over ancient Roman baths which can be seen from the street. The most famous attraction of the Musée de Cluny is the Lady and the Unicorn (Dame à la Licorne
tapestry, the most acclaimed tapestry of its kind, which cover the walls of an entire room, bring to life the romance of the age of chivalry. The tapestry was designed by French artists and woven in 1485-1500 in Flanders. No photos allowed.  There were other medieval tapestries on display,

tapestries and choir stalls


The museum also has a lot of fragments from Notre Dame broken off during the French Revolution.

heads of kings statues
We visited the nearby Musee Delacroix in the house where the artist died.  Forgot to take photos. No particularly good paintings of Delacroix were at the museum.  We’ll have to find them elsewhere.
We then met up with Robin and walked to Saint Sulpice, a church built in the late 1600s which includes frescoes by Delacroix.



Wandered back to the flat looking at some shops and then walking along the bank of the Seine.

Dinner was at a small bistro called Christophe on Rue Descartes.


my boeuf



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