Touring the city of Bordeaux

We’ve walked around the bit of Bordeaux near our hotel which is in the central historic area.  But we wanted to venture around more of the city, shop and visit a museum.

Porte Dijeaux, a gate into the city built in the mid 18th century


rue Georges Clemencseau


shop with a yellow leather bean bag chair


not much grafitti or stickers


Cours de L’Intendance


a different walk man


Musee des Beaux Arts


parc by the Musee


Delacroix paintings


Marches des Grands Hommes where Scott bought a bague en argent


where Scott bought a couteau


where Scott bought vins rouge
miroir d’eau


promenade along the river Garonne


view from Le Pont de Pierre


Porte de Bourgogne
Esplande des Quinconces


Monument des Girondins

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