Bath Spa-ing

It rained early in the morning but stopped before we were ready go outside. Here’s other views of the Pulteney Bridge, River Avon and the weir:




We spent most of the afternoon at the Bath Thermae Spa which taps into the same hot springs as the Roman baths.  Too bad we couldn’t take cameras as there were interesting views from the rooftop hot pool.  Scott thought the pools (there are two of them) weren’t hot enough.  They’re much cooler than the hot springs in Radium and Banff.

When we left, it was pouring rain but then stopped, again.  We saw from the internet that it is -2 in Calgary.

Diinner was at the Wheatsheaf in Combe Hay about 4.5 miles south of Bath.  We started at the bar because the place is more a pub than a restaurant or at least that seems to be the approach of the owner who suggested we start at the bar before dinner.  The building used to be an old farmhouse but has been a pub since the 16th century, according to the owner who was serving us at the bar.

The locals were very friendly and one gave us a drink of his homemade sloe gin, gin which had been flavoured with sloe plums, some sugar and almonds.

The restaurant features local and homemade produce. The breads were very good.  I had a venison pie which was garnished with cobnuts, which were like small hazelnuts, and bobby beans, which were green beans.

Scott had sirloin steak with chips and English leaves, i.e. lettuce.


There are rooms at this place also but I’d think you’d have to have a car to stay here since the last mile to the place is down a steep narrow, hedge lined road with no room for pedestrians and no lighting.  The drive home was a bit of an adventure every time we encountered another vehicle.  Somehow the taxi driver squeezed past oncoming cars but I sure wouldn’t have wanted to try it.

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