Arrival in Santa Monica

Our 3 hour 10 minute flight arrived almost 15 minutes early, but the wind as we were descending made the plane slew side to side and I thought I was going to have to use the barf bag. We then caught a taxi with a driver whose accelerations and braking renewed my motion sickness so that by the time we arrived at our hotel, I jumped out to get fresh air and avoid any chance of barfing in the taxi. As well as being a bad driver, the cabbie also couldn’t figure out how to ring through the credit card charge ($46 for the half hour drive) and was exasperating the hotel staff because he was blocking the drive through.

Our room wasn’t ready so we were offered drinks at the bar facing the beach. We didn’t say no. As we were sipping G & Ts, we asked about a wine shop we could walk to. The young waitress got us an address and google map for The Blind Duck on Montana Avenue.

After an hour, we finally dumped our bags in our room and headed out for a walk. It took an hour to walk to the wine shop. We wonder what she thought we meant when we asked for somewhere close. We both worked up a sweat walking in the sunshine.

After buying some wine and single malt, we got a taxi back to the hotel, Shutters on the Beach.
This vacation is supposed to be about R & R so we’re planning to enjoy the hotel, starting with our room which has a tiny balcony facing the beach.

We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, One Pico,which is the address of the hotel.
My starter of a mini pizza and Scott’s avocado and crab salad:

Scott had lamb and I had a rib eye steak and we shared a plate of roasted artichokes, small ones, more like the type you find in Italy.

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