Post travel gelato count

Friday, February 19 we did not manage any gelato at all ūüė¶

Saturday, February 20, after a wine tasting and a lighter supper of pizza, we stopped at San Crispino, which is considered by some to be the top gelateria in Rome. The gelato is kept covered in steel containers and can only be bought by the cup because the gelateria can’t keep quality control over the cones. I had nocciola (hazelnut)¬†and cioccolato; Allie had ginger with cinnamon and one with puffy¬† crunchy¬†chocolate bits in a creamy gelato:

Sunday, February 21, after our Galleria Borghese visit while on our way to look at some churches, we stopped at Blue Ice which is a chain gelateria. I had fragola (strawberry), which was okay but not as good as a later fruit one I tried and had a mini cone with it. Allie had cioccolatto and nutella in a cone with sprinkles:


Monday, February 22, I didn’t have any gelato but after lunch went into a gelateria called D’Amodio Rosaria right near the Scuderie del Quirinale because I wanted some water. Allie bought a gelato, but I can’t recall the flavours nor did I take a picture because I was too busy buying then¬†drinking my water. Allie’s gelato included a mini cone.

Tuesday, February 23, we walked past Giolitti gelateria, which also is in the running for the best gelateria in Rome. Michelle Obama bought gelati here with her two girls. So, instead of lunch, we had gelati. I think Allie had chocolate fondant and tiramisu. I had tiramisu at the recommendation of the guy serving, straccelli (or something, but basically chocolate chip), and nocciola. We agreed that the tiramisu was excellent:

Wednesday, February 24, we stopped at a gelateria facing the Spanish Steps called Baccaria or Bacaccio or¬†something like that. I thought it was in my photo, but it’s not. It was memorable becasue of the woman at the cash register who¬†was having a stereotypical angry, non-stop ranting moment as Allie tried to pay. I had all cioccolato. I think Allie did something fruit but can’t recall. My chocolate was good, darker than some of the other chocolate flavours I tried.
On our last day, we had to have a last gelato after lunch (which lunch included our last Brunello di Montalcino) from Frigidarium which was very close to where our hotel was. I had limone and lampone (raspberry), which was very fruity and intense. I forgot what Allie had. Both came with mille feuille like biscuits.
Allie managed six gelati in the seven days we were there; I only did five; but all in all, much better than Florence, where I did none and during our December week in Italy, only managed one gelato in Siena at a cafe, not a gelateria.

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