A day in London

Couldn’t get moving very fast in the morning after staying up so late to watch the women’s hockey game. The British paper, The Times, has a critical article about Canada’s Own the Podium programme, entitled “Well done, Canada, you Own the Odium” and saying the programme might just as well have been called “Up yours, America”. I have to agree that the name is very unsportsman-like, but the English press seem to have been unduly harsh about the Olympics.

I walked to Tate Modern braving strong wind gusts and a swaying Millenium Bridge. In Turbine Hall is Polish artist Miroslaw Balka’s giant grey steel structure with a vast dark chamber, which you walk into and it creates a sense of loss of vision, at least, until the group in front of me decided to take flash photos.

Allie will be disappointed to learn that the Rothkos that used to have their own room are not currently on display. I had lunch with one of the court’s former students, Alex Ramsvig, who is in London studying for his LLM, and with Robin, who took a break from his studying for exams next Monday.
After lunch, I went to Vinopolis and Borough Market for a look around. I then returned to the hotel to drop off some heavy art books I bought at Tate and a bottle of wine from Vinopolis. While Robin continued to study in my hotel room, I went to the Museum of London, which covers London’s history from earliest times to 1660. The galleries for London after 1660 are being redone to take London up to 2012.
I had to buy a book to read for tomorrow then returned to the hotel and got Robin to take a break from studying.
Our dinner: sushi at Miyako which is in the hotel.
I now need to repack Allie’s turd coffin so I don’t have to pay overweight charges tomorrow. Can’t stay up to watch hockey which doesn’t start until 2:30 in the morning.

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