First day of 2010

Hurray! The sun is shining. We have seen a lot of rain lately so sunshine is especially welcome. The flat we’re in is on the 4th floor (British counting), with a lift this time, and has a terrace but it’s small with no view other than the back of other buildings.

Haven’t used the kitchen much but the washer dryer has had a lot of use in our first two days here.

Some of us got up about 8:00 a.m. but others were keen to sleep in so we didn’t set out until after 12. We walked in sunshine to the National Portrait Gallery for lunch, where we had a window seat and a great view.

Big Ben way in the distance. Nelson’s column near.

After lunch we headed to Tate Britain but the London New Year’s Day Parade was going on and passing near Trafalgar Square. We had to work our way around the crowds. The area near the Houses of Parliament were terrifically congested so we crossed Westminster Bridge and walked along the south bank of the Thames, where there were great views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
Sid’s Sherlock Holmes imitation?
The exhibit at Tate Britain called Turner and the Masters was one of the best we’ve ever seen. It showed how Turner was demonstrating his range and ability by echoing or working in the style or manner of old Masters or in some cases, his competition. It included some paintings from private collections as well as some of the Queen’s.  I bought some magnets of paintings in the exhibit to add to my collection. All Turner’s except the middle of the top row, which is Her Majesty’s Titian.
We hoofed our way back to the flat, stopping in at the Newton Arms for a pint since I owed Scott a pint for Arsenal’s defeat of Liverpool and Scott owed Robin a pint for Chelsea’s defeat of Arsenal. The wind was making the temperature quite chilly but the brisk walking from Tate Britain to near the flat, about 35 minutes, helped keep us warm.

We then went to a Japanese restaurant called Hi Sushi Izakaya, which seemed to have mostly Chinese servers, but it had sushi and it was open on New Year’s Day, which was not common. I found 8 sushi places in the area, and this was the only one open.

We then returned to the flat to have my wine which Robin bought for Mother’s Day (a little late) but appropriately called Chateau Robin.

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