Museum day — December 27

Since most stores aren’t open, today was a museum day, three museums in fact. The first was the Accademia where Michelangelo’s original David is along with some of his last unfinished sculptures, as well as some paintings by later Renaissance artists in what is called the Mannerist style.  The collection also includes Medieval paintings and copies of a variety of sculptures, many of which aren’t particularly noteworthy.

We then went to the Bargello Museum where a number of Renaissance sculptures are displayed. It’s particularly good for Donatello, Giambologna and Cellini. We last went to the Uffizi where we had a tour guide, Lucia Montuchi, who gave us a lot of information about Florence history and the most important of the artists’ works we looked at. That took three hours by which time our brains we about to explode.

None of the museums allow photos so I just took one of us leaving the Bargello.

We had dinner at a little spot around the corner from our flat, La Giostra, where I had something called Spianatta or something like that, which was thinly sliced beef on a hot copper plate with aromatic herbs — very unusual looking but excellent with wine.
The corner we were sitting at had photos of the chef and his son, who was serving us.

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