Sunday afternoon in the park with Gordon

I think I can safely say that Scott’s map reading skills did not impress me and Allie. The benefit is that we saw more of Amsterdam than planned.

We chanced upon a flower market on one missed turn and Scott claims the sight of a boatload of mostly naked men caused him another misdirection.

Allie found things to buy in another market, then we stumbled into the red light district (why are those women standing in the doorways? Oh, nevermind!!!!!!), we eventually got to the Amsterdam Historical Museum a half hour before it closed, then as we meandered towards Anne Frank House, stopped to listen to a concert on a canal.

We waited before our timed tickets for Anne Frank Huis (as it’s called here) by stopping to sit on a bench to watch various forms of locomotion on the canals.

Anne Frank’s House is hard to describe. . . we’re all agreed we would not have wanted to miss it.

Had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant then proceeded to follow Scott on a journey he is still trying to reconstruct. Luckily, Allie relieved him of the map and we’re now back at our room — with blisters on some feet–and no chance of falling asleep too early as it’s after midnight although we finished dinner at 10!

Tomorrow may be a slow day . . .

— Post From Laurel’s iPhone

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