Departing Venezia and learning to read the train schedules

We got up early, had a very quick breakfast and head to the train station.

Waiting for the vaporetto:


We’re intending to take the InterCities train from Venice to Florence scheduled to leave at 9:19 and arrive at 12:29. When buying tickets from the self serve machine, I see there is a train at 8:56, so buy tickets for that instead of the 9:19. I should have checked the timetables and train schedules which are posted inside the station. If I had, I would have seen that this was a Regionale, not an InterCities. Regionales are milk runs that stop at every station. As a result, we leave Venice earlier, but get into Florence later, at 1:00 pm or 1300 (as the Italians almost always use the 24 hour clock especially for train schedules). The tickets were €25.80 for two to go from Venezia to Firenze. I suspect the InterCities tickets would have been more.

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