Trinity College and National Gallery

The breakfast at Kilronan House was very extensive. Full Irish breakfast seems to be much like full Scottish or English breakfast. However, my stomach felt a bit tender so I had boiled eggs and toast.

We walked past some government offices and headed to the National Gallery of Ireland.

The admission is free. We found the floor plans a bit confusing. We looked at Irish paintings. An large area is devoted to Jack B Yeats, William Butler Yeats’s brother. I wanted to see Caravaggio’s Taking of Christ as I had read the book, Lost Painting, which was about how the painting was discovered in Dublin. But it was on loan!

We were able to see some other old masters, Zubaran, El Greco, Hals, Vermeer. There were also a number of other British paintings and some Impressionists.

The new expansion of the gallery is very light and appealing.
We left the National Gallery and headed to Trinity College. We wanted to see the Book of Kells exhibition. (Admission of 16 euros for a family.)
We also looked at the Long Room, a very impressive old library. We looked around the Trinity College campus.

We then wandered around to the Temple Bar area which has a lot of restaurants and clubs. We went into the Quay Bar for lunch.


We all had fish and chips and Allie had her first Guinness.
We did some souvenir shopping and went to the Ha’Penny Bridge for photos.
Liffey River looking east

looking west

We returned to Kilronan House just after 4:30. My stomach was hurting and I was soon suffering from food poisoning and all its lovely symptoms. I went to bed while the others bought snacks at a nearby convenience store.
Sometime during the night, Scott also started showing the effects of food poisoning. We had a rather gruesome night taking turns in the bathroom.


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