Over the sea to Skye

Scott, Sid and I walked to the Invergarry castle ruins in the morning after breakfast.

Looked at the sheep and lambs gamboling about.

hotel dining room

late breakfasters

Donald arrived to resume our trip.

waiting while the search for Nancy’s money belt is going on inside the hotel

Loch Garry
Five Sisters of Kintail

to Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan was very impressive from the outside. Inside were displays of Victorian and early 20th century living.

Next to Glenelg but with a side trip to a Pictish broch, Dun Telve. These were multi-storied living structures. The wooden parts are gone but the stone remains can still be viewed.

We crossed from the mainland to Skye on a tiny 4 car ferry.

We landed at Kylerhea and took a short drive to the otter sanctuary. We walked to an otter hide, a small wooden outlook, to see if we could see any otters. No luck. But we saw a lot of seals.

We then took a very twisty road to the main road and on to Kinloch Lodge.

Before dinner, we took a quick walk to look at the seashore.
Dinner at Kinloch is a splendid affair each evening.

our room at Kinloch

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