New Town

Scott and I picked up Robin’s camera being repaired on Morningside Road and walked back, about a 45 minute walk from Old Town to New Town. Good views as we crossed the North Bridge.


Calton Hill

Kim picked up Sidney to spend the afternoon with Isabel.
The rest of us went to the National Portrait Gallery. After we walked along Rose St and George St where we had a small bite at Standing Order pub. Allie shopped next door at FCUK.
Browsed some more of George St
 to Charlotte Square then went onto Young St to show Bob and Nancy the Oxford Bar, where Ian Rankin’s fictional detective Rebus hangs out.

Bob and Nancy returned to the flat for a nap while Scott and I headed to Valvona & Crolla for pre-dinner nibbles with the Hinds at the flat.

dinner at Haldanes with the Hinds

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