Zoo and football

double room

triple room and sleepy Robin
The girls and I were going to the zoo while Scott and Robin met up with the Spackmans to go to a Chelsea vs Aston Villa football match at Stamford Bridge stadium in west London.

The football game wasn’t until the afternoon, so Scott and Robin first went to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Robin on top of St. Paul’s

Millenium Bridge

near Stamford Bridge stadium

odd name for a shop
At the match:

Meanwhile, the girls and I travelled to north London, where we could see the canals.

We enjoyed looking at penguins and meerkats which we hadn’t seen before. Sidney complained the penguins smelled like fish.  We had a bit of lunch at the zoo, looked around at more animals, and eventually made our way to Tate Modern where we had tea and scones at the 7th floor restaurant.

The girls worked on their travel journals while I looked at the paintings at Tate Modern. We then walked to Vinopolis and looked around the store.

We had dinner at the Cantina in Vinopolis.

After dinner we walked to the Millenium Bridge because the girls wanted to walk across.

We ended up back at Vinopolis to call a taxi because it was raining and we didn’t want to walk. We could also have another glass of wine while we waited.

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