Scuola—quarto giorno

Not attending afternoon activities at the school this day so I went back to Santa Maria della Pace and to Chiostro del Bramante. Chiostro del Bramante is only open Monday and Wednesday mornings so I have not and will not be able to go at those times, but there is a cafeteria and if you go there, you can see inside the chiostro (cloister).

You can sit inside the cafeteria or in the walkway area or in a lounge. The lounge had a tour group inside so I opted for the walkway area where you can see down into the courtyard and see a bit of the frescoes on the ground level.

Cafeteria is on the second level

In the lounge, there is a window into the Chiostro, where you can see Raphael’s fresco of the sybils.

I missed gelato yesterday so after lunch walked to the Campo dei Fiori area to get some gelato or gelati as you would say in Italian as I had more than one flavour.

Campo dei Fiori
limone (lemon) and lampone (raspberry)

I went to San Luigi dei Francesi to look at Caravaggio’s three Saint Matthew paintings. There was a school group there but they left after a few minutes so I was able to look at the paintings without a crowd.

I have written about these before, so I won’t repeat myself.

I agree with my insegnante (teacher) that Matthew is the young guy with his head down and not the older guy with his pointing hand. The information in the church says Matthew is the bearded guy.

I noticed for the first time that it looks like streaks of blood on the area around Matthew’s waist, which suggests he has already been stabbed by the sword wielder standing above him.

Dinner at Osteria dell’Ingegno, where we ate in 2018. Romans eat gnocchi on Thursday. No one seems to know why.

Gnocchi with clams and broccoli, and roasted vegetables